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I'm the go-to Human Design mentor, designer (and cheerleader!) for ambitious women going for their dreams. 


My mission is to set the right business foundations from the get go, that help you build an aligned presence that attracts your tribe and oozes confidence.

I’ve been in the game for years and unlike many, I am passionate about your success and LOVE what I do. Like, really.



Sick of writing boring shit and pulling together content for the sake of content? I absolutely get it, I totally was in your shoes so I have created this blog post especially for you!

You can listen to this blog post by clicking below. Or keep scrolling to read.

I want to start with this….

Here’s roughly how a conversation went with a friend after she read one of my latest emails and blogs that went out:

Friend: “It was so well written, I mean you are a designer, you are not a copy writer but reading that I was thinking it was written by a professional, you had me hooked”…

Me: “I get inspiration and it comes to me and I just go with it”

Friend: “ I can see a real shift and change in what you are putting out there”Not to blow my own trumpet but I know what she’s talking about, I’ve read back over some of the stuff I have been putting out lately and I have even been surprised about how friggen good it is!

Sometimes I think, wow that does not even sound like it came from me. Who even am I?

So what’s the secret?

I’ve completely transformed the way I work to align with my design.

According to my chart I am highly intuitive and this totally resonates with me. I have discovered connecting to my intuition has been a game changer.

Say hello to Human Design Gate 57: The Gate of Intuitive Clarity

The primary action for this gate is trusting your intuitive knowledge above all else. It’s all about believing everything you need to know is alive in the present moment and that the body is the most trustworthy source of intuition.

Shit that resonates with me.

My intuition and I have been through some rocky stuff the last couple of years!

But I am totally in the positive of this Gate rather than playing around in the shadow like I had been.

I’m not going to go into all of the details here but basically I ignored my intuition and copped a major life lesson. I would even say it is one of my biggest regrets but do you know what? Long story short it led me on the path that brought me back to my spiritual side and ultimately to Human Design. Maybe it had to happen for me to get that bloody aha moment (which btw is also part of my design, Gate 47 The Gate of Realisation).

Aaaany way. Let’s move on.

This gate sits in my Personality North Node which is one of the most important in your design. Your North Node is the future and shows your evolutionary trajectory. When you crack this node, everything else in your design falls into place.

So in other words, me working with my intuitive clarity is going to help everything else fall into place and helping me evolve to the path I need to go.

This is a recent realisation for me and one that I can feel in my gut is true.

These days I’m writing my content only this way. No more posting for the sake of posting, it has to be ‘downloaded’ content that is going to energetically connect.

What a game changer.

Whether you have Gate 57 defined in your chart or not you can still lean into your own intuition and work with it when writing your own content.

I’ve broken it down into some steps for you. While I acknowledge this is easy for me (because it’s part of my design), you can still apply it.

"Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way." - Ray Bradbury

01/ Find a way to connect to your intuition

There’s plenty of ways you can connect to your own intuition.

Meditation: Spend 15-20 minutes in a quiet space to meditate and observe your thoughts.

Journaling: Write down the thoughts and feelings that come up. Allow yourself to just write without any judgment.

Connect with nature: Take a walk in nature, or just sit and observe the beauty around you. Allow yourself to be present and appreciate the world around you.

Quiet your mind: Practice mindful breathing or another calming activity that helps to quiet your mind.

Listen to your body: Your body can be a great source of intuition. Listen to the physical sensations that arise when you are making decisions.

Ground yourself: Engage in grounding activities like yoga, tai chi, or qigong to help you connect to your inner self.

For me personally it’s just getting myself in the zone. I usually breathe in essential oils (my go-to is DoTerra In Tune) and set the intention of what I want to do and just sit for a minute or two before the inspo starts coming. Sometimes I will set the intention while I’m jumping in the shower, driving my car or cleaning the house and before long it hits me.

02/ Capture what comes through

For me, I need to capture what comes through immediately because if I wait too long the energy is gone. I’m always running off to my computer or grabbing a notebook to get it out. I even sometimes record a voice memo on my phone if I’m out and about.

I usually will get it out and then come back to it later to finalise. When I come back I always check in with my emotional authority to make sure it’s something I definitely want to put out there.

I suggest you find a process that works for you.

03/ Get it out there

These intuitive downloads are gold. Whenever I work this way it really hits the mark so make sure you get it out there.

Personally I’m a go with the flow type of design so I don’t plan or schedule too far in advance. For me I’m usually working a week ahead (max two weeks if I’m feeling super inspired).

Again go with your own process and if downloading a heap of content in one hit (that you schedule a whole month at a time) works for you then go for it!

So there you have my tips!

Give yourself plenty of time in yourself so you can hear your intuition and let go of any pre-conceived ideas that you might have. Start trusting your intuition and working with it.


If you are ready to step into your own power you can start with a Human Design chart reading or join the next round of my Aligned Marketing by HD group program ✨



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