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Terms and conditions



These offers are non-refundable.

Not using the full services does not qualify you for a full or partial refund.

Payment plans are not memberships and can not be cancelled at any time - full payment must be received prior to cancellation.

This offer consists of Style CreativeCo’s intellectual property, therefore you CAN NOT repurpose, duplicate, copy or sell any content in ANY way or shape, without written permission.

By proceeding to payment, you understand and agree that Human Design Chart Reading, Brand by Human Design or Aligned Marketing by HD is entirely personal and therefore results relating to marketing outcomes, financial revenue, business growth or results of any kind, is unique to each individual. Style Creative Co does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results.




All prices are in Australian dollars.

Style Creative Co is registered for GST.

All quotes are valid for 14 days unless otherwise stated.

Style Creative Co is not responsible for any cost increases caused by third parties such as printers.

Any additional work outside of the terms of the quote will be charged at $100 per hour (+GST) or as advised in the quote.


Limited projects are booked per month, therefore each project will be booked for a 4 or 6 week period (unless agreed prior and outlined in the quote and welcome kit). If a project runs past this time frame there will be a charge of 2% of the total project cost (charged per week that the project runs over the agreed time frame).

If a project is put on hold for an extended period of 3 months or more prior to completion, the project will need to be re-booked subject to availability and there may be additional fees due to price increases in that period.


Style Creative Co reserves the right to terminate a project that has not been completed in the agreed time-frame and been put on hold for an extended period. Any fees paid will not be refunded and Style Creative Co will supply any completed files. In the case of a website Style Creative Co will transfer the website in complete (as is) as long as time spent on the project to date has been paid for.


50% of the total cost is required before the project is started (this is non refundable).

The remainder is required at completion and before any final files are supplied or websites are sent live.

Invoice terms are 14 days from the date of invoice by direct deposit or PayPal/Stripe (3% fee for this option).

If a project is terminated on your request prior to completion, an invoice will be issued for the time spent on the project.

If a project is cancelled by the client any deposit paid prior to cancellation will be non-refundable.
Social Media Management: Any cancellation of social media management services requires 4 weeks notice.

Style Creative Co reserves the right to terminate a project at any time. If this occurs they will provide any artwork completed and paid for to date. Any deposit paid will not be refunded.


Style Creative Co cannot guarantee the outcome of design and marketing services and any results for design and marketing as outcomes are based on subjective factors that cannot be controlled by us.


The Client will have full copywrite and reproduction rights of final files upon full payment of a completed project for use in their own business. Working files remain the property of Style CreativeCo and we reserve the right to use them.

Style Creative Co reserves the right to use designs in their marketing/website/social media for self promotion. If the Client would prefer that Style Creative Co do not use their designs then they must provide this request in writing.


Approval is required for all projects, via email prior to work being released.
Style Creative Co is not responsible for any spelling, grammatical, numerical errors or omissions after final approval. Even if these errors are from Style Creative Co, it is the Client’s responsibility to proof read and check thoroughly their projects to identify any errors prior to approval.


Whilst all care is taken, Style Creative Co does not take responsibility for Client supplied artwork that does not print properly.
Please note that colour on projects can vary from screen to final product. Screen proofing is not indicative of final printed piece. Printed colours can vary from printer to printer, job to job, run to run, or even front to back, due to the nature of the CMYK printing process.
Trimming can vary from printer to printer.


Working files are Style Creative Co’s ownership - unless stipulated in the quote prior to the work commencing.

Depending on the project, the client will be supplied with print and web ready pdf files (this will be stipulated in the quote prior).

Logo design clients will be supplied with ai, pdf, jpg and png files with all text outlined.

If working files are requested there will be a release fee of 50% of the full project price. 



Style CreativeCo acknowledges that during business dealings they may receive certain confidential information and materials of the client and they agree to hold and maintain in strict confidence all confidential information and shall not disclose confidential information to any third party or use any confidential information except as may be necessary to perform its obligations.


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