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I'm the go-to Human Design mentor, designer (and cheerleader!) for ambitious women going for their dreams. 


My mission is to set the right business foundations from the get go, that help you build an aligned presence that attracts your tribe and oozes confidence.

I’ve been in the game for years and unlike many, I am passionate about your success and LOVE what I do. Like, really.



As we know your Human Design chart reveals so much about your unique magic. The chart contains nine centres, each representing a different aspect of our being, including our mind, emotions, body, and energy. The chart also contains various channels and gates, which provide more detailed information about our individual traits and characteristics.

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By understanding your chart, you can:

  • Gain clarity on your strengths and weaknesses: By understanding your unique design, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, which can help you make more informed decisions about your business (and life).

  • Improve relationships: Understanding the design of others can help you better understand and communicate with others, improving their relationships with clients (and everyone around you).

  • Make better decisions: Human Design can provide you with insights into your decision-making strategy, helping you make decisions that align with your unique design.

  • Find your life purpose: Human Design can help you identify your life purpose and potential, giving you a greater sense of direction in your business.

The Throat Centre is a significant aspect of our being as it represents communication and self-expression. The Throat Centre is responsible for our ability to speak our truth, share our ideas and connect with others through communication.

The Throat Centre is connected to the Thyroid Gland, which regulates the metabolism and energy levels in the body. Therefore, it is associated with the expression of our life force energy, and the way we communicate and express ourselves can significantly impact our physical, mental and emotional health.

The Throat Centre is also associated with manifestation and taking action. It is through our communication and expression that we can bring our ideas and goals to fruition.

Effective communication is essential for success in your marketing so I really like to look at this area in my Aligned Marketing by HD program.

Our ability to communicate effectively and authentically can impact the quality of our interactions and connections with others.

It is through the throat centre that we express who we are, what we are thinking, feeling, creating, learning, contributing and it is how we empower others. Clear, effective communication is incredibly important because it is in this way we become the outer authority for others to respond to.


In Human Design, conditioning refers to the way we take on the beliefs, values, and behaviours of the people and environment around us.

When we loose the conditioning in your throat centre we are opening up a powerful channel for expression. This results in your work becoming highly visible online and experiencing far more joy and influence in the process of talking about your work.

So how do you know if you have conditioning in the throat centre? You may experience thoughts such as:

  • I need to be more visible to make sales

  • I don’t have enough followers

  • I need to sell from talking on stories but can’t do it

  • I need to show up every day but don’t want to

  • I don’t want to dance around on reels

  • It has to be perfect for people to take me seriously

  • I get writers block when I try to write captions

  • I don’t want to be on social media at all.

  • I don’t want to dm people but I feel like I need to.

These beliefs could be blocking you from showing up online and marketing your business so you really need to work on letting go of those beliefs. Pay close attention to your thoughts and reframe them.

Through my Aligned Marketing program we look at this in more detail and really see what you need to work on.

I have had big growth in my business (and in myself) because i’ve kicked my conditioning to the curb. I basically do not care what anyone thinks and I’m now loving social media.

I don’t feel pressured to show up if I don’t want to. If I don’t feel like showing up on stories for a few days, I don’t. If I don’t have anything of value to put in a post. I don’t post.

But that said, I’ve really worked out how to work with my intuition and find inspiration. So I find it easy to get in that zone and coming up with killer content (I have a podcast episode about this that I will link in the show notes)

I actually have too much inspiration and sometimes need to reign it back and really determine what I do share - I’m not 100% feeling a blog post or social caption I don’t use it. And I’m really finding social media and marketing fun because I’m working with my gifts and seeing where they take me.

Basically conditioning in the Throat Centre can impact how we communicate and express ourselves, and understanding these influences can help us recognise and overcome any limitations they may be placing on our ability to express ourselves authentically.


Because you are being true to yourself and your brand. You are presenting yourself and your business in a way that is genuine, transparent, and aligned with your design.

Showing up authentically:

Builds trust: You will attract those soul clients who can’t wait to work with/buy from you

Helps you stand out: You will differentiate yourself from the sea of same-same businesses

Increases engagement: You will connect with your audience on a deeper level, leading to increased engagement with your content and brand

Enhances your reputation: People respect and admire someone who is genuine and true to themselves.

Creates better alignment with your goals: Authenticity in your marketing allows you to create content that is more aligned with your goals and values, leading to greater satisfaction.


By understanding how your defined or undefined Throat Center can impact your marketing, you can use this energy in a way that is authentic and effective for your brand.

Defined throat centres

72% of the population have a defined throat centre.

If you are defined you really need to express your truth.

  • Consistent messaging: With a consistent flow of energy through your Throat Center, you can develop a clear and consistent message for your brand that resonates with your audience.

  • Emphasis on personal authority: With your defined Throat Center representing personal authority and leadership, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and use your voice to establish your authority.

  • Reliability: With a consistent flow of energy through your Throat Center, you can be relied upon to deliver on your promises and meet the expectations of your audience.

  • Ability to take action: The Throat Center is also associated with manifestation and taking action. You can use this energy to make things happen in your marketing and bring your goals to fruition.

You have a defined way of doing and speaking depending on which gates are activated in the throat.

Undefined throat centres

28% of the population

People with an open throat need to relinquish control over their speech. It is better to speak spontaneously (whereas defined, may be better to plan it out).

The open throat has the ability to amplify definition at 200%. Therefore it can take on a wide range of voices and actions. You have he opportunity to use your voice spontaneously in a non-fixed, fluid way.

When you are out of alignment you could be trying to get attention by overtaking, oversharing, being loud, speaking over people, filling in the silence etc. This is because in the not-self, you feel an incredible pressure to speak and act, be seen and make an impression.

You can use your undefined centre by:

  • Adaptability: With a flexible approach to communication, you can adapt your messaging to meet the needs of your audience and respond to changing trends in your industry.

  • Ability to listen: With an undefined Throat Center, you have a greater capacity to listen to the needs and concerns of your audience. Use this to your advantage by incorporating their feedback into your marketing strategies.

  • Collaborative approach: With an undefined Throat Center, you may prefer to work collaboratively with others rather than take a leadership role. Use this to your advantage by highlighting your ability to work well with others in your marketing.

  • Creativity: With an undefined Throat Center, you have a more flexible approach to self-expression. Use this energy to bring a creative and innovative approach to your marketing messages.

You can still use your open throat to market and sell but you don’t want to put pressure on your throat to perform in order for your business to make money.

This could mean batching content would work well for you - recording instagram stories when you are in the mood and publishing them at a later time.


The Gates in your Throat Centre are an essential aspect of your Human Design as they provide specific information about your unique communication style, strengths, and challenges. The Gates are specific energy channels that connect the Throat Center to other centres in your Human Design chart, and each gate represents a particular aspect of communication and self-expression.

Understanding the Gates in your Throat Centre can provide valuable insights into your natural communication style, your strengths, and areas where you may face challenges in expressing yourself effectively.

Here are a few reasons why the Gates in your Throat Centre are important:

Communication style: Each gate in your Throat Centre is associated with a particular communication style. Understanding your natural communication style can help you communicate more effectively, both personally and professionally.

Strengths: The Gates in your Throat Center can reveal your unique strengths when it comes to communication and self-expression. By identifying your strengths, you can focus on leveraging them to your advantage, leading to greater success in your marketing.

Challenges: These gates can also reveal areas where you may face challenges in expressing yourself. By identifying these challenges, you can work on improving your communication skills in those areas and overcoming any obstacles.

Relationships: The Gates in your Throat Centre can provide insights into your communication style and how you relate to others. By understanding your natural communication style, you can improve your relationships with others, leading to more fulfilling connections with your audience and clients.

I work with my clients to look at each gate in this centre and we also look at any channels that are connected. Our individual voices come from these gates and channels. If you have a channel connecting the thread, take a look at what centre it is connected to. This will tell you Where your voice/action may be coming from.

My example:

I am defined and I have channel 48-16 which is about applying your skills with enthusiasm and dedication

I can stay stuck by questioning myself when I know I have a skill and have got without it takes (I have a fear of inadequacy - take this podcast as an example, it took me a couple of months to even tell anyone I had started it). When I share my natural talents with enthusiasm nothing is going to stop me and I have the dedication to do it.

I basically need to share what I’m good at and my passions with enthusiasm and I’ll be magnetic in my marketing.

It’s as simple as that.

I have never had as many DMs as I have now. My social media has blown up and it’s because I’m being me and working in alignment.

When you can connect with your audience on a deeper level you are going to differentiate your brand from your competitors. And you ware going to be working in true alignment which is bloody amazing.

I really encourage you to ultilise the power of your Throat Centre to get your business out there, express yourself authentically, build relationships and drive engagement.



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