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Teresa Crifo is the go-to Human Design mentor, designer (and cheerleader!) for ambitious women going for their dreams. 


My mission is to set the right business foundations from the get go, that help you build an aligned presence that attracts your tribe and oozes confidence.

I’ve been in the game for years and unlike many, I am passionate about your success and LOVE what I do. Like, really.



How do you see your business?

Is it a hobby? Is it a job? Is it your baby that you are nurturing and growing?

For me, it’s ever evolving. It’s never going to stay exactly the same and it’s going to continue to change. I see my business as one great big adventure.

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Business is full of emotional experiences and learning.

Emotional experiences: The highs and lows when things are going great or falling short of ‘my expectations’

Learning: Through training (coaching, upskilling, learning new things) and lessons (when things don’t go right it’s taking the lesson from that and adapting the way I do things).

If you are like me and have gate 35 in your Human Design chart you can probably relate to your business feeling like an adventure but I really feel that all of us can take something from this and apply it to business.

One of the big things I have learn’t is curiosity is magic. If you keep doing the same things you will get the same results (or if nothing changes, nothing changes). So over the years I have had adventure after adventure trying new things.

These adventures give me a huge thrill, I love the challenge and excitement - sometimes they have worked and sometimes they have failed. But they have always taught me something and taken me a step closer to where I need to be.

A friend said to me once, ‘When are you ever going to be happy with your business and stop doing new things?’. ‘Are you ever going to be happy with your website and not change it?’.

I told her never. If I don’t try new things I’m never going to grow.

At the start of this year I was feeling stuck and resigned to the thought that this year was going to be adventure free - I was going to coast through the year and just keep doing what I was doing.

I wasn’t going to invest in any courses or coaching. I was basically just going to plod along and focus on my brand and marketing services.

Boy, was I wrong! It was probably the biggest adventure in my business! Ever!!

I started off by making some subtle changes to myself personally – I went back to meditation and got in touch with my spiritual side and then one by one synchronicities started to align…

I moved my office (without knowing the new location was perfect for my Human Design), I learn’t about Human Design and I came across a coach and signed up to her group coaching program (without really knowing that much about her but knowing I had a good feeling about it).

All of that pretty much changed my life.

Over three months I threw my business as I knew it out the window and completely reframed everything. I took leaps I had never imagined and expanded my business in alignment with my passion.

In the past I had been too afraid to show the real me. To share my spiritual side. And I was afraid to really go all in with what I wanted.

But now:

+ I cut my regular income that wasn’t aligned

+ I deleted services

+ I dove into Human Design training

+ I created new services and offers

+ I completely stepped out of my comfort zone

I had major mindset shifts and let go of fears.

I invested $$$$, and completely backed the changes I was making (which was all thanks to knowing my Human Design.

What happened was:

+ I unlocked more time, more freedom and more joy in my business.

+ I feel like my business is truly aligned. I have ease and flow. I love all the work I am doing and feel so lit up.

I’m sharing this because I want you know to adventure is a good thing especially when you follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Don’t be afraid to back yourself and use your Human Design authority.

You know deep down inside what you need to do, make 2023 the year you do it!


If you are ready for change you can start with a Human Design chart reading or join the next round of my Aligned Marketing by HD group program ✨



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