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Teresa Crifo is the go-to Human Design mentor, designer (and cheerleader!) for ambitious women going for their dreams. 


My mission is to set the right business foundations from the get go, that help you build an aligned presence that attracts your tribe and oozes confidence.

I’ve been in the game for years and unlike many, I am passionate about your success and LOVE what I do. Like, really.



Feel like your site has been plopped in the back row of the fashion show – with zero love and even less attention being sent its way?

Don’t panic. You can still win them over and make sure all eyes are on you. The key? Adding some of your signature style to your website.

Here’s how.

Invest in your branding

You wouldn't go to a job interview wearing your old duds. And you wouldn’t let your bestie walk out of the bathroom with loo paper stuck to her shoe. So don’t let your businesses’ public face – i.e. your branding – walk out the door looking anything less than irresistible either.

Because the truth is that every time somebody sees your brand, it’s essentially an interview for your biz.

You can equip your business with the equivalent of a can’t-say-no power suit (or little black dress, if that’s more your style) by making sure your logo and visual branding is polished and professional. It should also be specifically designed to attract and appeal to your target customer.

Pro tip: Stick to the same font style and colour scheme across all platforms and mediums.

Keep it simple.

Ever visited a website and instantly felt panicked and confused by the plethora of content, images and options?

When it comes to your website design, less is definitely more. Simplicity will always make a far bigger – and better – impact than crowded and complicated.

Make it easy for your visitor to navigate and enjoy your site by removing any clutter. I recommend choosing the information and products and/or services you want to highlight and then strategically positioning them in your design. But resist the urge to over-load your visitors with information ... it will just confuse them!

Use professional images.

This is such a simple tip, but quality images truly can make or break the appearance of your site. Professional images attract customers and create an emotional connection that encourages them to purchase your product/service

You can either source high quality images or plan your own photo shoot.

Either way, I recommend using large images that look professional and capture your audience’s attention.

Experiment with black and white

Searching for a way to stand out? Why not create a black and white website that has pops of colour?

Not only will this make an impact on your audience, but using colour to highlight important information - or the actions you’d like your visitor to take - will increase your website’s effectiveness.

Hire a professional copywriter

If you’re not a word wizard, why not hire a professional copywriter to help out?

The right copywriter can channel your brand voice and personality into content and communications that connect and make tapping that ‘add to cart’ button emotionally effortless for your customers.

Use parallax scrolling

If you’ve never heard of this term before, it’s when your background images move slower than the foreground images while your customer is scrolling.

This adds another dimension to your website and creates a more 2D immersive experience for your visitors.

It’s a great way to stand out from the sea of boring sites out there too and it also injects some modern professionalism into your brand.

Don’t be scared of white space

If your brand style is zen or minimalistic, you will love white space. White space is the area that surrounds your images and text that is, well, white space.

When your website has a balance of white space, it will feel cleaner and fresher.

It will also make it easier for your visitors to understand what you do because there won’t be overwhelming amounts of information for them to trawl through.

“Yay, thanks for the tips, Teresa! But … I’m still feeling stuck.”

No worries, I've got your back! Jump over and check out my latest freebie at the link below!!

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